Friday, May 24, 2013

"You can be in my dream if I can be in yours..." Stop Drone Warfare, Close Gitmo, & Secure the Peace
The current, war-based economic platform of President Obama is untenable. We cannot continue to
start new wars and sell munitions
as the primary economic platform
for this nation.

This brutish program wastes precious resources we could be using to rebuild America, kills innocent people, compromises our credibility and creates new enemies.

We must take transnational economic cartels off the table and once more become a law-abiding nation dedicated to peace, justice, and freedom.

Drone warfare, wars of choice and the "Bush-Obama doctrine" must end. 
Please contact the president, vice president, congress and the judiciary to
let them know that illegal warfare must not stand.

We need to shut down the drones, close Gitmo, stop murdering prisoners, end the wiretapping of innocents and stop rendering citizens for torture, rape and/or murder abroad.  Those who fought and died for freedom in World War Two must be rolling over in their graves to see this rise of neo-fascism in America.

If they will not listen, we must take it to the streets!


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