Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Occupation and Linguistic Acrobatics

The "flexible timetable" approach for
withdrawing from the occupations,
and the "public option" for health
care...  are effective logical fallacy.
(Changing the subject, false
choices, distraction, etc.)
These, along with ad-hominem
attacks on real progressives...
are all the corporate Democrats
and Republicans have to offer.

After all, they are both funded by the same transnational
economic cartels. When the people are provided with facts,
they do the right thing.

Do not get discouraged!
There really is a peace movement.
Peace, freedom, and justice
have nothing to do
with corporate parties
or their machinations.

The Peace Movement in America
and all over the planet is all about:

1. Ending wars of choice and corporate occupation
2. Restoring constitutional integrity and civil rights
3. Universal Non-Profit Health care and Education (K-16)
4. Reforming Tax Codes
5. Protecting the Global Ecosphere
6. Investing in People instead of Parties
7. Expanding Freedom and Preserving Justice
8. A Global Commitment to Human Rights
9. International reconciliation & revitalization

Those who long for
"impeachment of war criminals,"
must consider
this will follow
constitutional integrity
and restoration
of the rule of law. 

Those who wonder
how we will get there...
must think outside the
box of prepackaged
corporate- funded parties.

Working Families build the ships, do the work,
and create bridges to deliver a more peaceful, secure,
and prosperous tomorrow. http://unionresource.org/

For more local PDX Photos...
www.Peaceresources.blogspot.com www.InternationalPeaceresources.org


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